Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to move?

There are several time periods that are busier for moving than others. May-September are especially busy months, and the beginning and end of months (when leases begin/end) are typically busier as well. If you book your moving date well in advance, you are more likely to get the delivery date you desire.

When should I get an estimate?

Get an estimate as soon as you know you’re going to need a mover. Typically 4-6 weeks is ample time to decide and book a moving date, but we’ve worked with longer and much shorter timelines as well.

How do I prepare for the move?

Planning your move well in advance and staying organized is the key to a smooth and efficient move. Sometimes it will feel as though your lists have lists, but if you keep everything organized on a clipboard or in a notebook, you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it. See our “Moving Timeline Checklist” for approximately when you should be doing what.

How do I move with kids and/or pets?

Check out this page for our tips on “Moving with Kids” and this page for tips on “Moving with Pets” for ideas to make the transition easy for children and your furry friends.

What equipment does Will-Do Movers provide to move my belongings?

• Different sized trucks for different sized jobs
• Thick, cushioned blankets to wrap furniture
• Furniture dollies
• Straps to secure your belongings from shifting in the truck
• Plastic wrap to protect furniture
• Boxes and packing supplies available for purchase

What items can’t be moved with the mover?

There are some items that Will-Do Movers are prohibited from moving. These include explosives, cans of gasoline, LP tanks, and other dangerous articles that are liable to damage equipment or other property. If you have questions regarding what constitutes a “dangerous article”, please contact your Will-Do Movers customer service representative.

For high-value items such as currency, coins, jewelry, precious metals, gems, antiques, rare collectibles, rare documents, and other items with a value of $100 per pound or greater, we would encourage you to keep with you rather than packing them on the truck. If you have high-value items and would like to discuss moving them on the truck, please contact your Will-Do Movers customer service representative.